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Tennessee Senator Tweets About Civil Liberties

Duty to help veterans

Senator Masha Blackburn snitch’s out Combat Veteran for being a whistleblower on President Trump, and says it’s her duty! Indeed, it would be Doubled Standard of her and Trump if they did not help or respond to help a veteran like Franklin Delano Jeffries II, and fix the laws that truly ban context and content for a fair trail for Freedom of Speech. Has politicians gotten so full of themself on gaining attention for themself they forget about our combat veterans in need like Franklin Delano Jeffries? Well have they, because we are still waiting on Tennessee Senator Blackburn to respond on helping one her own Veterans since it’s her duty to fix these civil liberties.

Senator Lamar Alexander


We are still waiting for Senator Lamar Alexander to respond to help Franklin Delano Jeffries. Since Senator Lamar Alexander is not running for office again in 2020, we are hoping he will do one more last good deed to help his fellow Tennessee combat veteran Franklin Delano Jeffries II (Presidential  Pardon). Only a man of honor would show love and forgiveness for his fellow veterans, so please help us call Senator Lamar Alexander’s office at 865-545-4253 to simply tell him to help Pardon Franklin Delano Jeffries II .

Veterans before terrorist


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Over 500 Terrorists have been given Pardons to go back home to their countries in the Middle East. The last 3 Presidents of the United States of America have only Pardoned 6 Veterans. A few terrorists have been given pardons and rejoined the war fight again to Kill Franklin Delano Jeffries Soldiers. It’s time our Presidents start giving out more Pardons to our veterans than terrorist. Please, if you care about your veterans have President Trump call 865-320-4606. We will keep you posted and let you know if the President takes this message serious, and actually does anything to help our combat veterans that veterans have recommend to When our Presidents and Representatives stop listening to our veterans, “we will have no county and we will be no country“. Please take action now.

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